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photographer of personal stories designer for personal brands

There really is nothing like the excitement of starting a new project, a new relationship (or phase of life), or even a new business. That's when you're most alive, and that's when I love to come in and visually document the occasion. 


your smile...directed by moi


✓   It's all about character

 It's all about being the real you

✓  It's all about not taking yourself too seriously

✓  It's all about having fun

✓  It's all about passion for whatever "it" is

✓  It's about about being vulnerable

✓  It's all about trust



Here's the thing, I love what I do - the artistic aspect, the trust aspect, and basically that I get to document people and businesses for who and what they are today. We all grow and morph into things we never imagined - we are all on that personal journey of discovery. Yours led you here onto my webpage (of all places?!), and I'm so happy it did. Available worldwide from the USA.


A few things you should know about me:


• I love mistakes. They are individualistic and not easily replicated, they are random, they are readily available, and they always tell the best stories. I embrace experimentation in my work, and when I create I make room for those magical oopses.

• When I thought about which career I'd like best, it was either "artist" or "psychologist" husband said he couldn't imagine me stuck inside all day listening to other people's problems, and I had to agree - I would much rather listen to them outside with natural lighting making clients look chic-as-heck with my lens in hand. I have always been a total sucker for all things handmade...first clue that the creative path called me.

• Simplicity is my jam. You don't need to add to the story you ask me to tell. Clients' lives and stories are each one in seven billion (and counting), and I think simple is usually best. Don't feel the need to add any zhooshing, because let's all be honest...our differences are the "yaas, honey!" to anything worth valuing in this world.

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